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     We improve your memory, mind and heart

We integrate the best of the east and west's  approaches to memory improvement and rejuvenation. A holistic integrative approach is the most effective and comprehensive way to enliven the heart and mind to improve your memory. This means the Western tried and true memory techniques and the Eastern time tested methodologies are combined. We also integrate exercises that use the right hemisphere, left hemisphere, frontal cortex, motor cortex, the heart and body plus dietary protocols, and suggest the testing and / or removal of bacteria, fungi, and heavy  metals that may interfere with the functioning of the mind / body. 

              ABOUT US

About Jeff Kapec

Mr Kapec. is a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant, memory coach and a certified Transcendental Meditation instructor, life hacker and spiritual guide. He received a BA in Biology, and MA in Education, Ed’s ( abd ) curriculum development.  Jeff has been a Transcendental Meditation teacher and a memory coach serving satisfied seniors and business people who achieved a greatly improved memory and overall brain functioning from attending his courses and his personal coaching.

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I’m a holistic practitioner and memory coach focusing on Ayurvedic and Natural memory technology, Ayurvedic wellness practices, memory coaching and spiritual coaching focusing on the Transcendental Meditation Program and dedicated to living my values, making a difference, enjoying my life – and helping clients do the same.


The memory / heart ayurvedic system is a series of mental techniques that develop the mind holistically. That is left hemisphere, right hemisphere, frontal cortex, and motor cortex. The mental aspect of this system is completely holistic in nature. As a second stage I developed a system to use the heart to augment the mind which makes the protocol a heart / mind development tool.  What the mind sees and remembers something in love we tend to remember more, longer and develop the heart and emotions as well. We also find that this system helps heal the heart's emotions and fosters a situation where one sees the rose and deals with the thorns. It is theorized that if you change the mind, it then changes the brain and ultimately changes the DNA in our bodies. 


Your memory is who you are. As we age it becomes increasingly more important to live a life of doing good for the world and ourselves on the basis of how well our minds and heart function together. 


My mission is to help individuals  function to their full potential by helping them:

• Determine the state of their memory, and develop goals for improvement.

• develop future goals for improvement

• Align their use of time with what matters most

• Cultivate success habits

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