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For a limited time we are offering our book Super Nutrition for the Mind and Memory at no cost plus  a free personal assessment including a 30 minute consultation which includes the first step in our memory coaching program.  A value of  $149.00. Just click on the tab which will send us an email of your request. Please include a way we can reach you.  All  information will always be kept confidential.



Super Nutrition For the Mind and Memory gives you valuable information on nourishment for a clear, calm and effective mind. You and your family need the best nutrition so all of you perform at your peak at home, work and school. With refreshed and awakened minds you'll all find it easier to remember things like names, appointments, car keys and school projects.

Proper diet gives you the foundation for a sharp memory and top learning ability to handle today's increasingly stressful society.

IMPORTANT: While good nutrition is necessary, it's just a start. For a truly great memory you need a program of memory development and on-going exercise. Our fullAyurvedic Memory Course will show you all that you need to do. Our course will develop your memory holistically, exercising both sides of the brain, not just one as in most memory courses. Remember, if you don't use it you'll lose it.

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Food For Thought

The 100 billion nerve cells in your brain can theoretically store more information than all the books ever published. But without proper nourishment you may eventually experience memory loss, mental fatigue and other signs of poor brain health.

Many misdiagnosed "mental problems" are actually the result of poor nutrition. For example, according to a 1992 study, fifty percent of all people who wrongly believe they suffer from Alzheimer's disease can reverse their symptoms simply by upping their intake of B Vitamins.

Fortunately, your brain regenerates every 3 years. So what you eat today has a direct impact on the health of your mind in the future.

Safeguard Your Mind's Great Capacity We want you to have our Super Nutrition For the Mind and Memory ebook. The book outlines the role of diet and nutrition in maintaining optimum brain health and what you need to do. You'll get great tips to strengthen your mind's ability through the correct diet, supplements and exercise. This ebook will show you just part of what you'll learn in our complete  Memory Course.


Here's What You'll Learn

Diet: Discover the foods that improve memory and promote a clear, lively mind.


Nutritional Supplements: Many vitamins and minerals are essential to enhancing mental functioning.


Exercise: A simple program can enhance your circulation and metabolism so you don't "feel the blahs". You'll be more energetic, accomplish task faster, better deal with stress and have improved concentration.

Pharmaceuticals Know how and when medicine can help your mind.


Herbs: See which herbs can strengthen your mind and purify it of toxins.


Minerals: Many minerals can help stabilize brain wave patterns, increase the flow of blood to your brain and play significant roles in concentration, memory and reasoning.


Antioxidants: These nutrients fight excess free radicals, which can interfere with brain cell growth and development.


Ayurvedic Supplements: This ancient healing tradition is a comprehensive system of prevention-oriented natural health care that has been helping people take control of their health and well-being for thousands of years. Remember, nutrition is important to your mind's abilities, but it's not the only factor. Once you've seen the valuable information in our book, we're sure you'll want to get the rest of the Ayurvedic Memory Course. It can change your life by giving you the power to reach your goals.

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