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Lets talk Heart to Heart

Happy Children

            What makes this program different?  

Why on earth would you order yet another memory course? There are 100's of courses out there,  pills to take, herbs and exercising programs with puzzles, and games.  I feel the same way.


Thats why I desired something different that is not offered anywhere else is totally holistic , simple and easy.


But let me be clear it does take work! I was gifted with a solution that not only improved memory and a more loving heart, but allowed the subconscious mind to assist in remembering and delivering information when needed. 


If you are  fond of birds you will begin to see many more of them and love them even more. Also, it develops the heart for loving everything you put your attention on so much more according to Ayurveda. So we have a system that simultaneously improves all aspects of memory and the mind, develops the heart, and allows the subconscious mind to assist the conscious mind.  So with diet, easy mental exercises, physical exercise, herbal preparations, nutrition, purification system and spiritual approaches we then have a totally holistic protocol for memory and spiritual development. So in summary Ayurveda linked with modern research is the difference in developing a truly holistic protocol.  Please call us so we can help you grow into the highly functioning human being you were born to be. What if you're older and have memory problems? That does not mean you have to lose it. Don't accept an aging brain as inevitable.


Our jobs, our lives, our loved ones especially as we age, depend on our memory and overall brain functioning. Cognitive decline can now be of the past, if one knows how. Learn how in this course. Or let me coach you. Wouldn't it be great if you could practice a loving technique as well as a memory technique done at the same time in 2 second practicest o improve yourself holistically?

As we age it becomes increasingly more difficult to remember things. The names of friends, important information at work and sometimes things as simple of where we left our car keys.


This can be frustrating, uncomfortable. and even dangerous.  There is no reason you cannot have the memory of your youth. Let us help you get there. It takes work but we are confident you can do this. So far Dementia and Alzheimers may not be fully cured but we can help.  

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