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For faster results tailored to your needs and schedules having a private coach is ideal.

Coaching is so important in these busy times. We take Yoga classes for mutual support, accountability and fun. We try to insure you reach your goals, enjoy the process on the way, and hold you accountable to reach your goals. Please call or write for your free assessment and first lesson.


These Private Elite One-On-One Coaching sessions is the best way to have the fastest results. It’s completely action based, results oriented, and designed to get you to your goals quickly and effectively. For the months we would be working together, you’ll be breaking old habits, achieving levels of health, wellness and lifestyle success you never expected. And, I’m personally with you with coaching, texts, check-ins, tools, resources and support every step of the way. We will be discussing and learning about physical exercise, mental exercise, herbs, diet, the role of the microbiome, and many tried and true memory techniques that have stood the test of time and work very well. 


For more information text to 641-781-9091 or email  

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