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Better mind

better memory 

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The Better Mind and Memory module

Here you will learn various methods  how to Improve your mind and memory (the memory palace, linking techniques, Look and Remember 2 second Protocol

You will dramatically increase your perceptual awareness that means seeing many more things in your field of vision.

  • see more in your field of vision

  • You will have faster recall

  • You will increase overall intelligence

  • You will create more brain cells  

  • You will learn Importance of physical exercises

  •  You will learn mental exercises

  • You will learn about environmental toxins

  • You will learn special memory diets

  • You will learn about you microbiome


All which play a role in creating a super mind and memory.

Some people have developed a photographic memory and be able to read faster as well. 


 Most fascinating is the effect of :

 Enlivening  and training your subconscious mind to augment your memory. And to guide you to see things you ask it to bring you your attention. 

Here are what others have experience with the Ayurvedic Memory Method

I happen to like seeing different birds. I was amazed that after doing the look remember and love method I began to notice more birds than ever before. Even to the point of not consciously looking for them but I just turned my head and there they are. 

We were driving down the road and I wanted a donut. I asked my partner to look our for some. WELL all of a sudden my head snapped to the right and there in the back of a parking lot was a sign for donuts. After we finished she said "how did you ever see that, we were both looking straight ahead. I do not know how but I am sure glad that happens.

Flying Seagulls
Women Eating Donut
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