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Why a Holistic Approach 

AyurvedicMemory  combines a plurality of modern scientific and ancient Ayurvedic medicines, mind techniques,  herbs, exercise procedures, environmental issues  and many more avenues to   improve your mind, memory and allow your  heart to love everything you see and do. We want to exercise the Entire brain! Left hemisphere, Right hemisphere, Frontal cortex, Motor cortex and more much more. This is NOT merely a pneumonic  set of exercises. Some of these the general public has never seen as they were part of military intelligence training. That is what we mean by a Holistic Approach. We try to highlight all the holes in the roof.



Simply put, if one drags one leg of a table ,the whole table follows. We understand what is good for the mind is good for the heart so approach each not separately but together !!!

Course contents: A complete holistic system.

What are some of the holes, or areas to address.

You will learn :

  • Learn exercises that you can do anywhere that take seconds you do many times a day to reverse memory loss and make it wonderful and to expand your loving heart. Which in Ayurveda is the basis of memory. Imagine sitting in a restaurant looking at another table and just did one of the most powerful exercises I know of

  • Learn exercises that exercise the whole mind: We just do not merely exercise by doing crossword puzzles. We do much more and more is the best approach and newest.

  • How to Eliminate toxins in the body and mind

  • Learn about the microbiome the next frontier in mental / heart development

  • How to detect and eliminate fungus, molds, toxic metals, harmful foods, stress, all of which harms the mind and body. Learn cooking recipes for the mind and body

  • How to recognize all factors that affect the brian. 

  • Techniques to reverse memory loss help prevent dementia

  • About stress reducing technique that improves all aspects of the mind, body, and behavior.

  • How to select the best memory pills, herbs, formulas among 100's. 

  • How to Love everyone you see and meet and remember their names to boot. 

  • Learn about why a very healthy body because body is the basis of memory.



Don't wait. Lets get started. You might forget you read this. And the sooner you start the better you will feel and prevent bad things from happening. 

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