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Dog Walker at the Park

The loving heart

Just  2 second exercises done several times a day !

Stop and let that sink in a bit. 

This is the secret to these courses: A powerful and unique system of using the whole mind and heart done in just 2 seconds each time. We use the unconscious mind to help.  And who does not have two seconds several times a day to look and love someone or something.

Our experience has been with enough practice that if your walking along and look at a flower it then expands your heart you feel love. Two steps more you see a friend same thing happens then a tree then a bird.

So everything you see produces bliss. Do this all day and you feel wonderful. With an expanded heart your mind and body are greatly improved as well. 

How wonderful it can be to walk into a store and smile with love someone walking out and they smile back. You both feel better.

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