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In 2 second exercises 
you will

Improve Your  Memory a lot
 And be able to love everythign much more  

Would you like to remember more?  Using your whole mind, left brain, right brain, frontal cortex, motor cortex and more?  Not just a part as we normally do but your entire brain ! You will thnen -Learn faster, remember more, be more creative? Want to expand your loving heart... That means every person or thing you see you will love them so much more - EASY and FAST.   NATURALLY Build more brain cells, and love more of all you see. Get better jobs,  promotions, Increase observation skills and Increase your health of mind and body. And much more. We can by using Rediscoved Ancient Ayurvedic Memory techniques ! And memory techniques taught by military intelligence to their top agents. Wow..

My personal message to you.    

Why learn to improve your heart, mind and memory ?  2 min video 

Ayurvedic Memory uses recently discovered ancient techniques blended with the most holistic practices of modern memory and brain enhancement science  and Military intelligence techniques not released to the public to develop a super brain and a more loving heart. 

                                      These Techniques are so easy and fast to do ! 

Our main technique  is done in 2 second practices... many times a day in a certain way! 


Imagine if you could love everything you see and remember more, learn faster, and protect your brain... In two second sessions done many times a day that also bring you bliss?  And that no one else teaches to the public ! 

  • Learn what's  the best diet to feel strong and healthy

  • Techniques to allow you to love more deeply and love all you see

  • How to eliminate toxins in your body and environment

  • Exercise programs mental and physical that improve your body, mind and heart

  • Improve your gut microbiome for perfect health

  • Be able to decide which Meditation program is best for you

  • Learn how the microbiome affects your heart and mind

Tip :  What you put your attention on grows stronger in your life

New York Office

One of our students Vishnu R. had a great experience he wanted to share with you

After just 3 days of taking this course

 I began to notice so many more flowers and plants along the same path I always take that I had never seen before. I began to love what I saw so much more than ever before, and to my utter amazement I glanced up and out of the corner of my eye I saw the sunset that looked more lovely than ever before.  I just loved these experiences!  Then amazingly I took a few more steps and saw a beautiful large leaf In the shape of a heart!  I felt nature said thanks for Loving me, I love you too.. Wow.    V.R. Software Engineer, India

Flower Garden

We Take a Holistic Approach 

We use newly discovered simple yet powerful memory enhancement methods and love expansion methods. We also use many tried and true memory techniques. We teach the Mind Palace Technique, we talk about diet the microbiome, herbs, reducing toxic exposure and many more  not seen in other courses. 
Think of a leaky roof in your home with 36 holes...   fix them all as Dr. Dale Bredesen recommends !
The Holistic approach used by Doctor Bredesen for the first time just recently  reversed Alzheimers in some  patients, which has been unprecedented by using a Holistic approach of 36 factors to address. He said it is like a roof with 36 holes !  You have to address them all. Like that, our approach to improving memory and a loving heart takes many factors as well. We are focusing on Holistic Mental exercises and exercising love. 


 The Better Mind and Memory Course


Tip :  Put an object next to your bed or door at night to remind you of something you want to do.

See what a New York Times best selling author has to say about this course

"If you want to succeed in life, the Ayurvedic Memory System is a must-have."
Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author,
"Chicken Soup for the Soul”
Amazing results


    The loving Heart Course


How to love everybody and everything more deeply and enjoyably. You will find it easier than you could ever imagine. 

What would it feel like If you loved more, and the more you did this, the more others loved you?  It's so easy!

Personal instruction / coaching

Teacher and Young Student

Personal coaching is the most effective and fastest way to learn. You also have someone to help inspire you to excellence! 

   Herbs for the mind and heart

youthful-mind- Small 120-2016-02-15.jpg
intelligence-plus 2-2016-03-22.jpg

Nutrition is the basis of a great memory, mind, and heart. See our list of the best Herbs and nutritional products From Maharishi Ayurvedic Products and enjoy 10% off.

Tip:  Go to the order page and remember the phone number to call. LOL



How to be the best you can be !  Why not become a 4.0 average student ? Get straight A's. Learn how to use Memory Mapping in a new more effective way that is much more effective than regular memory mapping. You will learn faster, remember more, and learn to see the whole and not just the details or parts. That is Holistic learning.  Use more of your brain not just a part. Learn to go to the top of the class in anything you do, study or work at. Prepare yourself for a great and successul career! 

Memory Changes in Older Adults

Elegant Older Woman

As soon as we hit 50 dementia and Alzheimers may begin!  Memory and overall mental functioning may begin to decline. It does NOT have to happen. If you don't use it you lose it. If you have a stroke you may begin to experience memory decline. So why not create more brain cells and dendrite connections to help compensate for any mental deterioration. Take this course as insurance to protect yourself.

Free consultation and E Book click here value $149.00
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